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<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="I am selling very tiny minature juliana, miniature potbelly pigs.  I also am selling registered golden retrievers and pygora goats">
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Available Piglets


Eloise/Myron litter

Boy 1     Very Sweet face.   SOLD to Jean

Boy 2 named Dabi is SOLD to melissa.

Girl 1  Red with larger spotting. $1000 spayed now available

Girl 2  Red with smaller spotting $1000

Girl 3  named Peppa sold to adrienna

Daisy/Ollie Litter
Daisy had a very hard long labor and we were only able to save 1 tiny boy who is very very sweet and tiny and tons and tons of spots

Daisy Boy1  Super  tiny and sweet sold to stefanie (2 weeks old)

Weaning piglets from moms.    Just finished feeding some softened food and playing with them in our house cage.   Started litter training.  They are not quite sure yet.   Such a beautiful bunch of piglets with lots of color.  Lots of Orange poking though on the piglets that were born white.   
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